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The Gephart Strength Body Composition Difference

*Whether in-person or online we can create a specific and individualized training program just for you.


Personalized Assessment


All of my clients start with a personalized assessment. A cookie-cutter approach is only good if you are the Gingerbread man. The point is we are all different and unique. Each of us has individual needs, goals and prior life experiences. This assessment will help to determine what you, as an individual, need to reach your goals. There will be a movement screen as well as body measurements to determine your baseline so we can track your progress. We will go over your food log as well as ways to help you manage stress better, improve your sleep and stabilize your blood sugar. 

Click here to email us and schedule your personalized health assessment!

Weight Loss / Fat loss


What separates our program from others is that we use a holistic approach - an all-encompassing approach - to help you create lifestyle habits that will give you lasting results. It's not about just training harder or training more - sometimes you need to train less. But our approach will target your needs. We will address your weak spots and give you tools to help manage stress better, dampen chronic inflammation, build a stronger body, lose unwanted weight and, ultimately, feel great about the way you look. 



Strength is the mother of all physical qualities. When you train with me you will train with weights. That doesn't mean I will be putting a barbell on your back any time soon. But what that does mean is that you will get stronger. All of my clients get stronger. All of them.  

"Strength is a skill and as such it

must be learned." - Pavel Tsatsouline

I train my clients to get stronger for one reason because a Tufts University study from 2010 showed that strength training helps reduce the signs and symptoms of many common diseases and chronic conditions. It showed significant improvement in many areas surrounding humans as we age.  Through proper programming using strength training I can create a training program that is constantly evolving so you stay engaged, have fun and get stronger at the same time. This will reduce your chance for injury in the "real world", improve bone density, enhance your brain-body connection, improve insulin sensitivity and, yes, can help you lose weight as well.

Any questions or concerns? Eager & excited to get leaner and stronger? We would love to talk more with you -  schedule a time with us here

Nervous system training


Yes, we are training the nervous system when we train at Gephart Strength. Training with me will help your brain send a stronger signal to your working muscles. The stronger your body gets the stronger the neural pathways are between the brain and your body. We also make sure to move people in compound movements using both sides of the body alternatively - think "cross crawl" or a "single-arm cable pull".  This means a better brain/body connection. 

Improved Insulin Sensitivity


Insulin has a profound impact on our overall health, our body weight and how our body ages. Science has shown us time and time again that when we train anaerobically we improve our body's ability to dispose of insulin properly. We can't have insulin continuously circulating in our body at high levels. Weight training and getting your heart rate above 70% of your total heart rate improves your body's ability to manage the amount of insulin circulating in your blood. This type of training can help stabilize your blood sugar, help prevent and reverse type II diabetes, and help you maintain a healthy a healthy weight and even lose body fat. This is the type of training to expect at Gephart Strength.

Do you want to see better results?

I have trained people as young as 9 and as old as 81. I have trained people for fat loss reasons, for disease prevention, for athletic competition and more. But the main reason most people have come to me - their "why" - is they think losing fat and losing weight will give them better health and a better self-confidence that they never thought possible. I can help you lose weight and body fat. Ultimately, I can help you have more confidence and a better sense of well-being and overall health that you never thought possible.


Any questions or concerns? Eager & excited to get stronger and faster? We would love to talk more with you -  schedule a time with us here

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