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“Three Ways To Get More Explosive This Offseason” #ICYMI

I recently wrote an article for the website entitled “Three Ways To Get More Explosive This Offseason”.

I love the game of basketball. I love the character traits it helps to produce in people but also the traits it reveals in people.

I have played basketball on five continents. I have led, or helped lead, basketball camps in America, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Croatia and London, England. As I write this I am in a van heading to Riga, Latvia, back from a basketball camp I helped lead in Gulbene, Latvia, my 2nd straight year at this camp.

Now that my career has changed to being a strength coach I love working with basketball players in the weight room. It is my way to stay attached to the game I grew up playing and fell in love with and to help basketball players reach their true athletic potential.

To see more about how you can optimize your offseason and get more explosive in the offseason including increasing your vertical jump just click here!

And after reading if you are interested in working with me to reaching your most explosive athletic potential, or know someone who is, please

and let's talk.

-Coach Phil

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