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The Best Science-Based Way To Increase Your Vertical Jump For Rebounding

Watch my latest video below where I share key scientific research on how to improve your vertical jump and improve your basketball game.

Full Transcript:

Rebounding is all about desire for the basketball and, sure, being taller and bigger can help, but, naturally, if you can jump higher than your opponent you have a much better shot of getting the rebound.

The vertical jump is actually a test of an athlete’s power output. That’s why the vertical jump test is used at the NFL combine as well as athlete testing facilities all over the world - to test an athlete’s power capabilities.

So how exactly can you increase your vertical jump for rebounding?

\While there are thousands of videos on how you can increase your vertical jump. Those videos are usually just guys who can jump really high trying to sell you vertical jump training programs. They want you to do countless jumps calling them plyometrics when, by definition, a true plyometric is performed as explosively as possible with long rest periods. Most exercises deemed plyometrics actually aren’t plyometric at all.

Here, we’re going to get into the science on how you can jump higher, and, hopefully increase your rebounds per game average.

Well, first things first, obviously you need to practice jumping. And this follows suit with the