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How To Stay In Game Shape During Quarantine and Why Cardio Makes You Slower

​After reading this article you'll learn:

  • Which energy system do you need to work in to maintain game shape.

  • How to optimize your nervous system for on-court performance.

  • How to recruit the correct muscle fiber type you use in a basketball game.

Basketball courts are shut down. Weight rooms are shut down. Literally everywhere in the world gyms are closed. So what do you do to maintain your strength and stay in condition?

That depends.

For most basketball players across the entire globe their season is over. So their training should be a bit different than, say, a pro player still optimistically eyeing a return to the court this season. So let’s start there. If your season is definitively over and you are looking for an offseason program check out our offseason basketball training strength program.

To stay in game shape and be as ready as possible to return to the basketball court in as close to game shape as possible we need to briefly talk about energy systems. What most people don’t realize is that moving your body for different durations of time requires the body to use different fuel sources to create energy.

To continue reading this article that I wrote for the basketball news website Hoop Dirt, please click here to read for free.

And I encourage you to read it in it's entirety. Many basketball players - and athletes in general - don't train to maximize their full potential. They use outdated training tactics, fads like speed ladders or bosu balls, or popular fitness movements they see on instagram.

I want you to be a dominant athlete. Get more powerful and explosive. Have a quick first step. Maximize your vertical jump. And I hope this article helps you on your journey.

Click here to read how to stay in game shape during this COVID-19 quarantine and why cardio will make you a slower athlete.

Until next time. Train hard. Train smart.


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