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Eliminating Jumper's Knee For Good In Your Athletes

Jumpers knee – inflammation of the patellar tendon – is a common injury among basketball players that, because it is an overuse injury, typically happens as the season progresses. So if it’s an overuse injury should we rest our players? We can’t do that, we’re trying to win games. We’re trying to win championships! Ibuprofen isn’t the answer either as NSAID’s slow the inflammatory cascade – this is the body’s repair process. Also, long term, NSAID’s can hamper full repair of tendons and ligaments.

But do not fear. Help is on the way.

That paragraph was the first paragraph in an article I wrote for the popular basketball website Hoop Dirt. Simply click on the picture below to read the article. I explain how with one exercise your athlete doesn't have to experience the pain that comes with this injury.

Volleyball players, please read on also. This injury is common in your sport too, not just basketball.


You can also click here to read the article.


-Coach Phil

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