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Explosive Training For Basketball

Training your nervous system to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible and in the quickest manner possible is one of the best ways to get more explosive as an athlete and for the sport of basketball. For this reason I love performing plyometric style exercises immediately after a strength lift like a squat or deadlift.

This type of training is based around the scientific fact known as post-tetanic potentiation. In layman's terms what this is referring to is the ability of a muscle to produce a more explosive movement if it is immediately preceded by a strong, muscular contraction.

So to get practical, after performing a heavy lift, the nervous system is "amped up" having been called upon to move a heavy work load. When you take away that load, leaving only the body weight of the athlete, the nervous system will still call upon all of those muscles fibers it just had to to perform the heavy lift.

Check out one of my athletes practicing this method below:

This allows a better brain-body connection and, voila, explosive gainzzz.

You are basically tricking your body to work at a level of performance that you want it to. Over time this ability to recruit more muscle fibers is accepted and programmed into the hardware of your brain as normal. AND the brain has learned to fire more muscles more quickly.

All together this makes a basketball player more explosive while on the court. "But will this work for other sports as well?", you may ask. Of course it will.

So ditch the speed-ladder training and fancy footwork drills and actually get more explosive!

Happy training!

-Coach PG

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