Overcoming Stage Fright - Another Success Story!

Overcoming Stage Fright

If there was a title to Becca's story you could definitely title it "Overcoming Stage Fright". She was referred to me by her, ahem, little sister - she and Hannah are twins and Becca loves to make the point she is the older sibling - with the goal of doing a bikini competition. "Have you ever competed before?", I asked. "No." "Have you ever worked out with weights?", was my next question. "No." For fear of "striking out" I didn't ask any more questions but went in to her assessment and measurements. I couldn't help but notice the similarity to her sister Hannah. I had been training Hannah for about a year at this point. At Becca's initial assessment she weighed in, got her first program and went on to lose about nine pounds ... over the course of the first six months. Not legendary results. Her work ethic was there. But something seemed to be missing. It wasn't until she got her food dialed in .. not until she tracked and knew how much she was eating .. it wasn't until then that she realized the importance of planning out her food and preparing meals so she knew how much food she actually was eating. This is an all-too familiar story. Sound like someone you know? Since then, around the end of February, until her contest two weekends ago Becca went on to lose another 26 pounds for a grand total of just under 35 pounds and competed in her first ever bikini competition! As you can tell from Becca's smile she was elated on stage. She will tell you, just like she told me, that she had more fun up there than she realized she would have.

Let me tell you from experience, knowing you are going to get on stage wearing next to nothing definitely helps you stay on the "straight and narrow" when it comes to eating properly and training consistently.

And to add another cool part to this story - Becca and Hannah got to do this show together. While they didn't compete in the same category the experience they shared is unforgettable.

I am so thankful I got to share their experience with them and coach them all along the way. You two are awesome! Thank you for letting me tell your amazing story!

While you may not want to enter a physique or bikini competition, setting a goal date is essential to success. An upcoming vacation, a wedding you want to slim down for or even setting a date with a photographer are all great events to help you stay focused on your training program. Set a date. Plan your training. Then get to work! -PG

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