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Why You Need To Know How Much You Are Eating!!

I was talking with a client in the gym the other day about raw nuts and how, although healthy, can add up quickly in the calorie column. And when trying to lose weight calories DO matter. So I decided to take a picture of what 1oz of raw nuts looks like as well as what 4.5oz looks like - since many people put some nuts in a Ziploc bag and take them to work for a snack - equaling approximately 4.5oz..

1 ounce of raw, mixed nuts

*If you're curious why I took the picture next to my thumb check this link to see how much exactly you should be eating without counting up your food.

So here’s the breakdown: 1oz - 160 cals, 5g protein, 13g, fat, 6g carbs 4.5oz - 720 cals!! 22.5G protein, 58.5g fat, 27g carbs

4.5 ounces of raw, mixed nuts