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My Interview with Peter Keller of Fringe Sport

Back in December I connected with Peter Keller of Fringe Sport here in Austin. In just a few years Fringe has grown from nothing into a multi-million dollar fitness equipment supplier. While they have definitely profited from the immense popularity of Crossfit and Crossfit-style gyms, they make high-quality products that can be used in a variety of gym contexts.

And I am thankful that I have had the good fortunate to outfit my gym with several pieces of equipment from them.

So in December I visited Fringe Sport HQ, got to tour the facility with Peter and discuss my training and the science behind my methods. It was a great time.

Peter: "So, Phil just moved to Austin from Southern California and we had connected because of a mutual friend who's in Toast Masters with me and he put me in touch with Phil. So I was just chatting with him. Phil, give us a little bit of a background about yourself."

Check out the full transcript here:

My Interview with Peter Keller

*Ignore the typos. I had no control over that!