Feel Fatigued? Stressed? Use This One Simple Trick To Find Out Your Fatigue Level

April 26, 2018

In a recent Facebook live video I shared a quick and easy way to test if you are overly stressed and fatigued. This quick, morning assessment should be done first thing upon waking and only takes 15 seconds to complete!


Sound too good to be true?


Well it's not. When you are overly stressed your sympathetic nervous system is "overactive" and will keep your heart rate higher than normal .. even at rest. When you have had a good night sleep, haven't had too much stress or been "go, go, go" recently your parasympathetic nervous system - the side of the nervous system that controls functions like digestion and (wait for it) slows your heart rate - is more engaged and your resting heart rate will be lower. 


Experts like Dr. Tudor Bompa have been using this system for a long time to tell the readiness of athletes wanting to train or compete. It's also a way to let you know if you need to take it easy during your day or your workout. It can be a wake up call to get to bed early that night, maybe do a yoga class instead of going for your personal best in the deadlift or simply pray and meditate a little more that day. 


Stress can kill. Here's an easy way to monitor your stress levels. And it only takes 15 seconds per day!







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