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Gephart Strength Sessions ep. 1 - How To Feed A Brain with Cavin Balaster

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend Cavin Balaster. Cavin has an AMAZING story about how he overcame a traumatic brain injury that usually leaves people in a permanent vegetative state to thriving with a healthy life he didn't even realize possible before his injury.

He has authored his own book titled How To Feed A Brain, has his own podcast, is an accomplished speaker and does it all to help other people realize their full health potential in spite of having a brain injury themselves.

He utilizes a whole-food approach emphasizing "clean" ancestral eating principles, emphasizes the need for a strong support system and uses music as well as other practices to keep his brain sharp.

You can't have a strong body without a strong mind & healthy brain! I encourage you to listen below to hear on how you too can have a healthy, strong and optimized brain!