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Homemade Otto's Cassava Flour Tortillas - Facebook Live video (with full transcript)

I love to eat! And I love eating good food! And I love eating healthy, good food! Here's the latest food I've been crushing to help fuel my body and keep inflammation at bay. Enjoy!


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Phil: What's up Facebook so we are doing some gluten-free Otto's cassava flour tortillas. I'll send a link to the last blog I did but I talked about cassava flour. It is made from the Yuca plant, or Yuca root - 100% gluten free, lectin free ... So we have the dough here and I'm going to give you a quick, little rundown. You just make these little, tiny balls .. the recipe is on the back. So all it is is flour, salt, olive oil and warm water. That's literally the recipe .. and it turns in to this great dough.

We have a wonderful tortilla press here so you just put it right on top of the tortilla press after making the little balls, smash it down, give it a good push and then we're left with a little, six inch in diameter tortilla. So then what you do is go over to the already hot plate - and - we had one going about a minute ago .. so you flip it over and it'll get brown .. and perfect. You pull it right off and they're warm and tasty and good to go. They also pack really well and fold up just like a tortilla is supposed to do. You can't even tell that you're eating gluten-free.

It's a phenomenal way for me right now to get carbs because I'm doing a lectin-free diet from a book called The Plant Paradox which, actually, ironically, I have right here. It's a great new book on some great new science on lectins and how they create inflammation and gut/bowel distress. So, cassava flour is a carbohydrate and really is great tasting. As you can see in the cast iron we have our turkey and onions going .. some good stuff we're going to make tortillas tonight ... so let's flip this over and see how brown we got on the other side. Yeah, so it's gotten a nice, golden brown, looks just like how a tortilla should.