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Training For Physique & Fat Loss pt 2 & My Go-To for Gluten-Free Eating.

Hopefully you caught my first post on Training For Physique & Fat Loss. In it I laid out what my most recent training phase was as well as posted my workouts and what my calories & macros currently are at. I am training for a men's physique contest that benefits a charity called Make A Vet Sweat which raises money for returning veterans who are fighting PTSD.

That first phase has come and gone and I am very pleased with the result. At the onset of this journey I was at 216lbs. Currently I am 210lbs even. Pretty good for a 3-week sprint. Conditions weren't optimal either - I still had to do my job, I still had to get up early, I still had stressors that were unavoidable - but I made it a priority and was consistent with my workouts. My weights went up every week and my physique has definitely improved.

Trap Bar Deadlift: 385x6

One thing that was tough was getting in my carbs on a lectin-free diet. I've been seeking out answers for some chronic gut issues and may have found the answer. (For more info on what a lectin-free diet is as well as how many carbs I'm eating daily check out the first part of this series.)

The majority of my carbs have come from sweet potatoes. My amazing wife, Clare, has made them a few different ways. I mainly have been eating them diced but we've also done mashed, baked and sliced and grilled on the BBQ. Soooo tasty.