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With the prevalence of artificial sweeteners in our food system I thought it was necessary to speak out on why I thought they are extremely bad for you and should NOT be consumed under any circumstances. I have friends - even some in the health & fitness industry - who disagree with me. They say it's fear-mongering. They say it's a small deal in the grand scheme of things ... and at the same time are consuming energy drinks, literally every day, and teaching their clients that artificial sweeteners are ok to consume as they instruct them to go buy protein powders and other "health" products containing these toxic substances.

Now who am I to judge how someone else leads their own life and their own business?

But I am choosing to not let these contaminants enter my body. If you want to learn why check out my latest YouTube video or read the full transcript below.

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Phil Gephart: What is up YouTube welcome to another Monday Minute! Today I am going to start a three-part series on artificial sweeteners focusing this first part on aspartame and some of the effects that I find are really bad and disturbing to our human physiology and to our brains. So let's put one minute on the clock and get going. Aspartame is a very common artificial sweetener. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar. When you eat something sweet the body releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine. It also releases a hormone called leptin. (Leptin helps to control hunger) But because there's no calories, because the body doesn't actually get any energy from the calories or carbs that it thought it consumed it then triggers more cravings. "Hey give me calories. I thought I was getting some I didn't get any." So there's nothing to "deactivate" the cravings cycle, basically, and you will consume more just because your body is telling you to consume more, and primarily sweets, because your body didn't get them in the first place. So from a cravings standpoint, from a consumption standpoint aspartame is really bad for you.

That is already a minute. What i want to do is take a lot more time next time talking about the nuerotoxic and excititoxic effects of aspartame. Catch me next week, we'll chat then and please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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