The Importance Of Collagen! The Gephart Strength Monday Minute - video (with full transcript)

I love collagen. It's a fact. It's the greatest protein in the history of the world. It was discovered by the Germans in 1904......ok....totally joking around and quoting an old comedy movie there. But the fact does remain that I do love collagen. And in case you missed it here I am in a short YouTube video talking about the benefits and why I like collagen sooooooo much.

So check it out and see for yourself why collagen is so amazing. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are sooooooo many amazing benefits. Here are a couple links for more follow-up reading:

And be sure to check out my favorite way to get enough collagen:

Phil's Fav Collagen!

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Phil Gephart: What it up YouTube and welcome to another Monday Minute. The topic is collagen so let's get right to it. One minute on the clock.

So, collagen is the most abundant protein that we have in our bodies. And our body's ability to create collagen decreases as we age. Some say by as early as the age of 25. We need collagen. We need it desperately to make ligaments, tendons even bones. We even need it to make the digestive tract lining - the lining of our stomach is greatly created with the help of collagen because collagen is, actually "already digested", you could call it, protein. So it's in amino acid form. And some of those amino acids are used to help create the lining of the gut wall. Because of that too, because it's in amino acid form and not straight protein it's easier for our bodies to digest.

One great way you can get it in your diet, by consuming it, is through bone broth. That's one of my favorite ways to consume it.

One minute timer goes off.

Phil Gephart: And there's a minute. My other favorite way. The way I use it most, is with a product called Vital Proteins. They have many products, um, collagen peptides is the main one that I like. But I'm using this one right now because it's got organic greens in it as well as a spore-based probiotic. So it's a phenomenal product. And as you can see they call it beauty greens because collagen is also great at, uh, building hair, skin and nails cells. So if you want better hair, better skin, better nails, a lot of ladies like that feature with collagen, then this is a great product to try.

I'm going to include a link below to this company. Again, They are my recommendation for collagen. Check it out, and, uh, until next time, yes, I know the guacamole is extra. We'll see ya'. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

And don't forget to check out my favorite collagen:

Phil's Fav Collagen!

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