How To Beat Chronic Inflammation Once & For All

Inflammation is a term tossed around in the health industry a lot lately. And it definitely needs to be addressed as many people are suffering from chronic inflammation. So what do we about it? Because inflammation is a necessary part of our body's healing processes. The inflammatory cascade turns on in various instances to help our body heal. So when does it become chronic and a problem?

I recently recorded a two-part YouTube series on inflammation and how to beat it down once and for all. In Part-1 I talk about

: : How to measure inflammation : : The difference between local and chronic inflammation : : How to eat an anti-inflammatory diet eating foods like turmeric : : Supplements to help you dampen inflammation

You can check that video out here:

Part-2 of this two-part series covers

: : Sugar and artificial sweeteners and their role in inflammation

: : The inflammation / cortisol / thyroid relationship

: : How to maximize sleep to dampen inflammation

: : NSAID's - do they dampen inflammation or increase it?

: : What type of exercise can help to lower inflammation

: : Recovery! How it can help you fight inflammation

Part-2 can be seen here:

So check out those two videos. Or share them with some one who is struggling with inflammation. Maybe they want to lose some body fat. Maybe you do! Maybe they (or you) have bouts of depression or low energy or achy, painful joints. Check out these two videos to help yourself live an even healthier and happier life. And please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

*Become a fire fighter - dampen your body's inflammatory response and feel better!

In health & awesomeness,


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