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MetCon - FIT IN 15 - PRESS & SWING For Metabolic Conditioning - Muscle & Fitness Magazine

I love fast-moving, high-intensity work at the end of a strength session. I call them “finishing moves” probably because I played the Mortal Kombat video game growing up and that's what they do to me during a workout - they finish me off! But they’re more commonly known as metabolic conditioning or "metcons" (Thank you, Crossfit). This workout that I wrote for Muscle & Fitness magazine can be used as a stand-alone 15 minute workout if you’re pressed for time or at the end of a workout for a heart-rate blasting, muscles screaming finisher that will leave you completely exhausted. Gotta love metabolic conditioning! And if you like overhead pressing and kettle bell swings then you'll really love it. Enjoy!

Click here for the workout!