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What's The Best Supplement For Recovery? **My answer will surprise you**


: : What is the king of recovery?

: : How to help alleviate sore muscles

: : When should I eat my carbs?

: : How to get a better night's sleep

I recently had a friend call me and ask what the best supplement is for recovery. He asked because he just got back to training after a long hiatus and he and his friend who he worked out with were extremely sore. This friend is a former client and I know he can really get after it and move a lot of weight. So, like most of us, when we get back to the gym we want to crush it and potentially do more than we probably should have - which he did.

I DID tell him there is a supplement that is one of my go-to's for muscle recovery. But that was third on my list. So what were #'s 1 and 2?

Sleep is King!

#1 on my list for muscle recovery is SLEEP! Many of us love to train really hard. But how much effort do you actually put into recovery? It soun