What is a now page?

  I'm glad you asked! A now page is an idea started by Derek Sivers. It goes beyond an "about" page or a "contact" page but is rather loaded with content you may share with an old friend who you hadn't talked to in a year.

So here's what I'm doing now...

What I am working on...

Creating another website for my gym over at www.thestrengthwarehouse.com

What I am listening to working & workout out...

: : Greta Van Fleet 


Led Zeppelin reincarnated? Perhaps.


: : J.S. Bach: Two Cantatas (BWV 126, BWV 149)

Clare and I love playing records at the house. This one has been spinning recently while I'm studying or working. 

What my training sessions currently look like...


I'm doing arm workouts M/W/F and lower body/ab workouts T/Th/S with a rest day on Sunday. It's been really fun actually. My arms are a muscle group that I have wanted to work on recently so here I am working on them with a lot of frequency. Reps are in the 6-8 range. I haven't straight bar back squatted in a while but hit 305lbs the other day. You can see it here.

What I am studying...

: : Precision Nutrition level 1 certification textbook


What I am playing on my guitar...

: : Red House             Jimi Hendrix version

: : You & I                 Ingrid Michaelson

: : Get On The Road     My own song

Three Products I am LOVING right now...

: : Nuttzo - want a better nut butter?! This is it!

: : Whisps - like cheez-its from when I was a kid - only AMAZING-ER!

: : Shmidts Wondermint w/ Activated Charcoal toothpaste - the best.

Phone: 949-933-3680
Email: phil@gephartstrength.com