An Online Training Program
Designed For You

You are not one-size-fits-all and neither is this program. With personalized nutrition plans and workouts, this program is created specifically for you. As your dedicated coach, Phil will help you address your health concerns and guide you in creating the right habits and changes in order to meet your goals. Optimal health is much more than just looking good, it's also about feeling good.


This program goes beyond exercise to help you

be your healthiest self.


You will get tips and techniques to help improve sleep, stabilize blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and minimize stress. A true personal training experience in the comfort of your home or local gym and on your own schedule.



How It Works

  • 5-10 minute consultation call with Phil to determine if this training is right for you and a good fit. 

  • 55 minute intake call to discuss your goals and review your individualized training and nutrition plan.

  • Get a new personalized program every four weeks:

    • Your program will be shared through Google Drive and will include everything from workouts, nutrition to lifestyle and supplementation recommendations.

    • Clear directions on how to perform each exercise

    • Access to a YouTube video library of the exercises so you can check your form and see examples.

    • 1:1 FaceTime check-ins with Phil (45-60 minutes)

      • Review your weekly check-in sheet and food log

      • Lifestyle and nutrition guidance based on your evolving needs and goals.

Why It Works

Have you ever gone to the gym and had the thought, "Ok, what should I do in here today?!" If you're like most people you may not be sure how to optimally organize a workout or how to effectively transition from one phase to the next. Phil will expertly guide you to reach your goals faster than you could on your own.

*Fair warning, a good level of self-motivation is required.

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Former online clients:

Lost 28lbs - with no prior training experience - to compete                                 Down 17lbs and 7% body fat in just 8 weeks

                         in her 1st competition

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