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Train Here. Beat Your Competition.

Get a workout program for your specific needs.

Strengthen your weaknesses.

Become your most athletic self.

*Whether in-person or online we can create a specific and individualized training program just for you.


Structural balance


All of my athletes start with structural balance testing. An athlete in structural balance will beat that same athlete out of balance every single time. This testing will uncover the athlete's weaknesses which then determine which muscles need to be strengthened and which muscles need a mobility focus. Each athlete will have a focused program to correct these imbalances thus reducing their chance for injury and improving the performance.



Strength is the mother of all physical qualities. When you increase an athlete's strength you increase their potential for a higher vertical jump. When you increase their strength you increase their potential for quicker acceleration. Acceleration is starting strength - or the ability to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible instantaneously. This starting strength starts from a static or dead stop position with the intent to apply a maximal force propelling the athlete forward - or up - as rapidly as possible. "Quickness" and changing direction also involves strength. It requires strength in an eccentric manner to slow the athlete down and then apply a force in another direction.

"Strength is a skill and as such it

must be learned." - Pavel Tsatsouline

When you train with me you will get stronger. And when you get stronger you become faster. And when you get stronger you jump higher. When you get stronger you are a more confident athlete.

Any questions? Excited to get stronger and faster? Click here to email Phil

Nervous system/explosive training


One of the biggest advantages for athletes to train with weights and get stronger is it helps them to increase their brain's ability to recruit the most muscle fibers. Yes, we are training the nervous system when we train at Gephart Strength. Training with me will help your athlete's brain send a stronger signal to the working muscles so that, when called on during their sport, will allow that pathway to be accessed easier also making them more explosive.

Rate of force production


A strong physical body paired with an optimized nervous system helps to improve the rate of force production. When you increase an athlete's rate of force production you'll increase their acceleration, vertical jump and top speed. Rate of force production refers to the ability to apply the greatest force as quickly as possible. So when an athlete jumps, if they can apply a greater force, quicker, they will naturally jump higher. The same goes for an athlete looking to push off the ground and accelerate from a dead stop. If they can push off the ground with a greater force and more quickly they will accelerate quicker. Rate of force production starts with strength (see above). But also involves how fast that strength can be applied. So my athletes will use exercises requiring them to move quick - to react - to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible via neural pathways that have been trained correctly.

Any questions? Excited to get stronger and faster? Click here to email Phil

Posterior chain strength


Many athletes that come and train with me are quad dominant. When an athlete wants to improve performance and reduce injury they need to increase strength of the posterior chain. (See structural balance above). Posterior chain refers to all of the muscles on the backside of the human body. The calves and hamstrings stabilize the knee and catapult our bodies forward and up. Our hamstrings are our bodies main decelerators and help us stop and cut quickly without injury. Our glutes stabilize our upper body and help the hips have maximum power. Our lats, rhomboids and traps help our posture and help us remain tall as well as improve our arm swing in running and jumping.

Ground-based movements


With the exception of a few sports, like swimming, athletes push off the ground during their sports to run and jump and cut. It is for this reason that our athlete programs are focused on closed-chain, ground based movements which directly improve sports performance. Exercises like front squats, split squats, deadlifts, farmer's walks and step-ups, just to name a few, will be staples in your athlete's program. 

Sport specific training


"Sport specific training" is a buzzword in the training industry. It is used to get you to spend your money with that coach. While certain sports may need different skills and strengths, I still focus an athlete's program on the athlete and what they need specifically. If an athlete has weak hamstrings, for example, it doesn't do them any good to do something deemed "sport specific" if they still have weak hamstrings. The athlete's needs come first. "You're only as strong as your weakest link." When that athlete improves their weaknesses they reduce injury and improve performance every time. 

Any questions? Excited to get stronger and faster? Click here to email Phil

Whether you are a new athlete preparing your body for the future or an experienced professional looking to sign a bigger contract or anywhere in between, we have worked with athletes at your level and will help you become bigger, faster and stronger than you have ever been and perform at a level that you never dreamed you were capable of.


Give Phil a call or email today.

front squat is best for athlete development
rotational power with medicine ball throws
Prowler sled pushes for atlete conditioning
Athlete chin ups for grip strength
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