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Are you ready to perform at a higher level on the court or on the field? Are you wanting that college scholarship or bigger professional contract?  Do you want your child to get stronger, faster and reduce their chance of injury?
Being a former athlete myself I can help you or your child develop strong movement patterns in the weight room and focus on specific muscles you need to develop to succeed at your sport and be your most explosive, athletic self.
I start every client with an in-depth evaluation measuring structural balance, skeletal alignment, flexibility & range of motion of each joint. I also perform two body composition tests which provide a great understanding of what we need to address regarding exercise, nutrition, lifestyle & supplementation to help you reach your goals. 
Based off of your assessment you will get an individualized plan to maximize your time and effort and see results faster. I have several training options to choose from. Your program will cover workouts, nutrition, supplementation as well as any other lifestyle adjustments we need to make.
These adjustments can help to stabilize blood sugar, reduce stress and improve sleep further enhancing your results.
So what are you waiting for? For more info email Phil here:
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